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Hire freelance talent for projects. Projects have a set of deliverables and only happen once. Assemble experts will work with you to define deliverables and agree on a set price.

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1,791 Reviews For One-time Projects


Kara C.

Alex took the time to really learn my industry and who I was targeting. Once he fully understood that, he quickly created and implemented a strategy that helped us get in front of those prospects in way I would’ve never thought of before. Thanks to Assemble we’ve had to bring on 2 more sales people to close deals.


Eric S.

After years of using agencies, I was tired of how much money I was spending with little return. I decided to give Assemble a shot, and the first project was great. Jake was my project manager and he really knew his stuff. High quality work, quick turnaround and overall, very easy to work with.

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